Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mutated Animal Life and other Oddities

Mrs. P-S-H here...

I'm never quite sure what the English are talking about. This photo gives a perfect example of why.

On the poker front, MY poker winnings are dwindling to nothing... but then, I only have an £11 bankroll to work with. Meanwhile, my hubby continues to conquer the world. Last night he didn't get to the tables until almost 10 o'clock. He had so many forms to fill out for work! Well, anyway, it's becoming clear to me that large blocks of time are not relevant to him anymore. I said "Is it really 11:27??!" I suppose he could write blistering posts about my strange addiction to America's Next Top Model.

"Is it that late already?" he said, increduously. "I'm getting off here." And he did, just shy of $300 up.

We are going on holiday soon. Won't be much gambling except the odd trip to the Iowa riverboats and a home game with my family. Should be interestting to see what kind of mutated poker animal returns from beach.

Personally, I think he's hit his stride... "touch wood," as they say over here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did the pelican have a big smile on its face?

3:44 PM  

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